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What Is A “Spread” In Stock Trading? How Does It Affect Your Investments?

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017 in Blog |

The difference between the bid and the asking price of an asset or a security is termed as a spread. There are a number of factors which are responsible for influencing the spread for an asset. The first one is supply or float. It is the total number of outstanding shares which are available for trading. Secondly, interest or demand in a stock. Thirdly, the all total of the stock trading activity. In terms of the stock option, the spread is the difference between the strike price and the market value. With the help of an Orion code, you can use a spread that can make a lot of difference to your investment.

To understand spread better, you must be aware of some of the terms related to it:

  • The first term that is often used is the bid-ask spread, which is also known as the bid-offer spread and buy-sell. It is the difference between the prices given for an order which is considered as the ask and an immediate sale which is the bid for securities such as currency pairs, stocks, futures contracts, and options. It can measure the size of the transaction cost of the stock and the liquidity of the market.
  • Spread Trade is used to purchase one security and sell another one which is related to security as a unit. Spread trade is also known as the relative value trade. These are also done with futures contracts and options. This helps in producing an overall net trade with a positive value. It ensures the simultaneous buying and selling of a security by pricing the spreads as a unit or as pairs in future exchanges. This can eliminate the execution risk in which one part of the pair gets executed but the other part fails.
  • The yield spread, which is also known as the credit spread helps to find the difference between the rates of return among two investment vehicles. Such vehicles differ based on their credit quality. It is the difference between annual percentage return on investment of two different financial instruments.
  • An option-adjusted spread is used for discounting a security’s price and matching it to the current market price by adding the yield spread to a benchmark yield curve.
  • The Z-spread which is also called the zero-volatility spread is used for mortgage-based securities. This can help in discounting pre-determined cash flow schedule for reaching the current market price.
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Personal Finance Tips for Teenagers

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Blog |

Financial planning consultation

Managing your money as a young adult may seem a little more intimidating and quite a hard thing to do for most of us. That is because teenagers doesn’t have to think of any adult responsibilities, therefore, they just keep on spending their money from here and there, especially for parties and hang outs with their friends.

Also, teenager’s mind setting is that the future is still distant so they don’t have to save for it as of now. If you have a teenager, or you’re probably one reading this, here are some personal finance tips that you could apply.

Share everything to them

Be open. As much as possible, if your teenager is asking for the latest iPhone, sit down with them and explain deliberately where all of your salary is going. Go to for some great financial advice. From your monthly bills to your daily expenses, make sure they have understood everything. In that way, they can understand your side as to why you can’t buy them a new electronic gadget or anything for that matter.


Set real-life examples

You may want to expose your young adults into reality. There are necessary expenses that you need to pay such as monthly rentals (if you are still renting a house) and such. Make them realize how important monthly rental is than any other unnecessary expenses such as buying a new camera or Nintendo DS.

Give them a debit card

As much as possible, let your teenagers experience what it’s like spending money both in cash and virtual. In that way, they can determine if they’re spending more money using a debit card. It can be also a preparation for them to use credit cards in the near future.

Motivate them to find a part-time job

Make them work hard for what the things that they wanted. There are lot of part-time jobs out there that they could try. Now they will know how it feels like spending their hard-earned money over nonsense things. That would also help them budget their money wisely because it is the fruit of their hard work.

Prepare a savings habit

In our society nowadays, college is becoming more expensive and pursuing your career might be quiet costly. See to it that they really understand where all of this is coming from. Involved them in family conversations regarding college costs as much as possible and let them understand that how you are saving money for future expenses. Got extra cash? Spare a little amount and invest in binary options Banc de Binary.

List down all their needs vs. wants

To help your young adults determine what to prioritize in spending your money, ask them to list down all of their needs as well as their wants. Help them achieve their goal by budgeting their money wisely—whether it’s a new pair of shoes or a new camera for their hobby.

There are actually a lot of ways to make your children understand the concept of handling money. However, there are some instances where you have to learn the lesson firsthand so that you’ll know what to do the next time around when you encounter it.

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Becoming a Millionaire through Humble Beginnings

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Blog |

Businessman rejoicing for his success with hundred dollar bills.

It is common belief that one can only earn money by getting a job. Spending years made up of days and hours working because it meant having money to take home, giving the power to spend and save. While some people earn more than enough, some just have enough to make it from the current paycheck to the next while some struggle to stretch it out until the next payday. One truth remains that it is important to have a solid financial plan. One example is setting up an investment like that of binary options 24option.

The word “investing” or “investment” almost always comes up when people talk about savings and money.  People would ask “Why should I invest?” One should understand what it is and what you want to be able to answer that question. In layman’s terms, simply put, an investment is where you put your hard earned money, let it do its work and take you through your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.

Another frequently asked question is “Is it possible to start investing with only a little amount of money?” The answer to that is yes. One of the reasons people shy away from the idea of investing is because they feel they simply don’t have the money for it. Go to Top 10 Binary Demo for more information. Fact is, just about anybody can put up an investment because you don’t need tons of money to do it.  That small amount you have may just be all that you need to start and move towards a bigger investment in the future.  So start to invest at the soonest possible time with what little amount that you have along with careful planning and strong self-discipline and it will bring you rewards in the long run. So you earn a lot less than that sportsman or a celebrity on T.V, but remember that even on a cramped budget you still have opportunities to multiply your money. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be rich to make an investment.  Investing is your ticket to become rich.

As investors come from different walks of life they all share a common goal of making money which is why there are factors to be considered to identify which type or method would best apply to a particular investor. A few factors involved would be his income and the amount of money he wants to invest, a time frame and his ability to take risks because of the market movement. Age and personality, understanding of capital safety and appreciation could also affect his decision as there are many ways in making an investment.  There are also financial advisors, economists, banks, investment professionals and other investors available for consultation to help you to come to a decision to either go into a real estate venture, buy stocks and bonds and mutual funds and more.  Always remember that there are ways to go about investing whether you have tons of money or not.  And whatever method you think is best for you, stay focused on the goal and your future will be extremely grateful for it.


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Running a Business with the Use of Your Personal Finances

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Blog |


The brilliance of showing people how they have unlock the keys towards success in yielding their business as becoming a top rank also has flaws, such as the struggle of personal finances. Of course, not all business marketers have the same struggles and opinions about how they have survived the costs. The best way in helping other people when it comes to managing personal finances is not about skills but teaching all that is needed to learn when it comes to dealing with their own personal finances. And even if you do not own the company, you can still be a great factor of contribution to the company and to the owners through helping them achieve their financial goals.

If you happened to have a small business, one thing that you need to figure out is how to become more successful and what best works for you. Business people are known for their efficiency and success when it comes to managing skills with the business. Click here for more info on canuck method. They see a big picture with what they want to happen and is positive that it is going to happen. If you have this kind of mindset of staying positive, this is one secret in running a business. As you learn, you also need to learn how you are going to implement the principles especially when it comes to personal finances.

It is understandable that you have other priorities. What you need to do is to simplify everything according to the standards of your needs. If you think that most of what you usually do is no longer applicable to the everyday situations, then its high time that you think of another way to make you more productive and at the same time gain profit. Having to have new business opportunities is most often people would grab even if they knew it needed time. Considering that it is an avenue for growth and development, there are certain things that you need to further understand more in order for you to succeed in planning.

If there is another way for most business owners to work in become, as always, the best in the line up, first thing that you need to do is to build up your wealth through tax deductions. This is one way of maximizing tax savings that will give you the freedom of investing, reducing your tax and always present your future plans. Organizing is one element that most investors do not have. After you have organized, the next step would be to take advantage in every deduction it is because it gives you the opportunity to experience the reduction of credit tax.

As you are running a business, do not forget to acknowledge the people behind your success. One of these people aside from your family and business partners are those who have worked hard and those are your employees. It is important that you give recognition. The purpose of this is to make them feel that they are appreciated and it is one way also of expressing your gratitude. Although this can also be done through the use of incentives but that depends as to how you want things to be done.

A personal finance is determined through the honesty of your business. There are some people who became successful in a different motive. But practice yourself from being honest as this will definitely make you more successful in life. Earn more money and check out Millionaire Blueprint.

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Shopping Tips to Help Keep your Personal Finance Management

Posted by on Sep 12, 2016 in Blog |

Close up of female accountant or banker making calculations

Shopping is really fun not until you’ve checked your money and found out that you have spent more than what you’ve expected or what you’ve planned. Losing a great amount of money over nonsense things can be frustrating especially if you’re keeping a personal finance management. Here are some shopping tips that you should keep in mind to help you save more money and spend wisely:

  • Go for discounted products as much as possible. There are some stores, be it online or real shop that give away coupons that lead to discounts on selected items. If you have coupons in your house, then start clipping and use them all as much as you can.
  • If you prefer shopping online, you might as well sign up for free with Ebtates. In that way, they can give you a full list of different stores and shops where you can acquire up to 8% of discount in different clothing, electronic gadgets and other selected items.
  • Always create a shopping list before going to the supermarket. In that way, you will just have to buy what you want and then go directly home. Never ever shop when you are hungry. Chances are, you’ll spend more money on food items that you’ve seen on the mall than what you really need in the grocery store.
  • There are consignment shops that let you sell your pre-loved clothes. Using the money that you’ve got on your commission, you can now shop there for clothes as well. You just have a new set of clothes without ever spending a single penny.
  • Check items online. Most of the time, discounts on selected items can be seen in online stores. If you are planning to buy something, make sure to check the item online first and compare the price. It is a smart decision if you’ve found out that a certain item online is less expensive than items in real shops.
  • Keep in mind that if you can’t pay for a certain item in cash, you can’t afford to buy it. Utilize the next few weeks in order to save up money and buy the item. Do not use your credit card just to buy a certain item when you know that you could buy it in the next few weeks if you just save up.
  • Do not bring your credit card with you when you are shopping. The last thing you can do is to pull out your credit card in order to buy the latest iPhone release. Interest rates are climbing so fast and you are keeping a personal finance management, therefore you should avoid debt as much as possible.

Shopping can be also fun without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Just follow these tips and you’re good to go. The bottom line is, all you need to do is to think wisely and discipline yourself before making any financial decision that could ruin your personal finance management. Take time and learn about the Free Money System and earn profits from it.


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Ways to have a Successful Long-term Investment

Posted by on Sep 12, 2016 in Blog |


Investment has something to do with plans that are according to how you want things to be done with your money. It is important that you know your objectives first before you start to commit to investing. Or if you really want money then just open an account with canuck method. Objectives peruse are those that you think you can achieve it. Assess first whether it plays a significant role towards making it possible to happen. For you to be able to categorize your plans of investment, make sure that you have a general purpose when it comes the capital growth, and the income generator.

Why is there a need to have a long-term savings and investment? The reason why you need to invest is for you to have an income. Although your job is needed in the investing part but it does not only sustain you for your future, you need more than just working hard for others. You need to be diligent when it comes to investment by setting your mind as to how you want your future would become. This is the time long-term goals come in. Take your moment when in deciding how you see your life in the next ten years and how you want to live your life? These are most common questions.

As you are investing in binary options Binary Option Robot, expect for a good return, some investment platforms may risk you but there is always a positive higher return. Focus yourself on the winning prize because in the latter end you will gain what you deserve. The importance of maintaining your focus will definitely lead you towards a successful endeavor. There are ways for you to develop more of your long-term goal, here are the following:

Identify your long-term goal- it may take awhile for you to identify it, but you have to know your desire as to the things that you want to happen in your life. Businessmen start dreaming of their goal when they know in their hearts that they will make a fortune out of what they have been working. Imagine yourself putting your energy on what makes you passionate about and if you have discovered it, make it as your real purpose and focus on it as well.

Writing down your goals- as you begin to acknowledge your long-term goals, try also writing it down on a piece of paper, or in a diary that you have been keeping and take a look at it as much as possible. Break down your goals by making it attainable and at the same time measurable. In this way you will slowly reach your financial goals in life.

Self-discipline- this attitude is lacking to people who have less motivation. In order for you to have a potential gain in your long-term goal is to develop the attitude and skill of having self-discipline. You’d be surprised that in the latter end you have aimed what you have always desired for.

Take time- working on your long-term goals really takes time. This is not like those kind of goals that you can just achieve it in a manner that it can be done right away. Aside from your long-term goals, of course you also have short-term goals that mean you have to balance both of your goals and focus on the biggest priority.

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